The Thought

The Thought shows a japanese maiko, an apprentice geisha. Her face, embellished with rice powder, shows that underneath that perfection there is a real girl, submerged for an instant, in a brainwave, wondering : Who am I ?.  Her hairstyle, and accessories, are blurry, they have 



Nature 2021 is like a tree, raising rooted, grounded, looking forward. Nothing stopes her, she is flexible, she doesn't judge, she creates with the Univers. Deep blue in the background and in her lips.White for possibilities. All colours, lights and shadows are present in her..SHE


The Egyptian

The Egyptian portrays women’s restraint, strength, courage and resilience at facing and finding her bearings and space in society.   The background was pink at first, with golden spots, and when the painting was fresh, I scratched it with a fork, expressing rebellion. Pink turned red, less



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