Glowing night

The Glowing night depicts a colourful barn owl that glows in a starred night. Created during the Covid -19 pandemic to light up the darkness and fears.The barn owl has its eyes wide open , we can’t escape from its sight, we have to look at it and discover all its colours, as lessons, as different options for facing this situation. Owls have been related to acknowledgement. They are night divers, like Minerva´s one, a symbol of wisdom and erudition in the Western world.

The barn owl melts with the background in order to show that, like us, it is a dense energy, but energy nonetheless.




Mixed media on canvas

Height/Width/Depth :

100 x 100 x 3,5 cm    

39,3 x 39,3 x 1,3 inch


Sold out


15 de October de 2020


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