Resilience is my name

Resilience, depicts a female polar bear during her life-journey, an animal whose environment and life is directly affected due to climate change making their lives even more raw and harder. Their life-journey is extremely difficult, tough and resilient. What is more, females are not always on their own, and they need to feed and protect their cubs.

The background is dark, blue and black, splashed with golden powder dots, like thousands of stars above her in a cold oceanic starry night. On the right bottom side the sea is still waving. Her fur is wet, and it has traces of battles on it.The colours are used as signs of what she has been through: red colour is the imprint of the most painful situations that have marked its physical essence; like blood, like open scars.

Her story remains in her eyes, in her sight.




Mixed media on canvas

Height/Width/Depth :

120 x 100 x 3,5 cm
47,2 x  39,3 x 1,3 inch


950€ Unique work – Certificate of authenticity included

(Shipping costs not included, consult by size and destination)


18 de April de 2021


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