The Absolute

The Absolute shows the point of light and energy (located on a path to the high horizon, on the middle-left side) that illuminates and gives life to the rest of the landscape. From the abstract world of the distance of things where everything is confused and imprecise, to the first term where the stain forms the flower, and the subject gains importance.

Like a journey from the Universe (from the Latin Universus which means: combined into one) to the human being. Understanding that humans are an entire universe in themselves.




Mixed media on canvas

Height/Width/Depth :

120 x 80 x 3,5 cm   

47,2 x 31,4 x 1,3 inch


900€ Unique work – Certificate of authenticity included. Frame is not included.

(Shipping costs not included, consult by size and destination)


2 de October de 2023


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