AI , the unexpected life

Before creating this piece I had spent time reading and thinking about AI and the up and downsides it could have, and how important was for each of us to develop our self awareness and strengths. I believe that AI itself will highlight material , and tangible world as we are mammals and need physical contact in order.

I wondered what capacities we should, as a species, develop and how important it would be to develop to the maximum our individual capacities, metacognitive skills as: Self-Monitoring, Self-Evaluating, and soft skills , to achive meta awareness ,to be aware of where we put our attention and focus during the day to be fully aware of our environment and ourselves and to co-create our present and future in coherence with ourselves.

I thought of a hawk as a symbol of our own inner guard…and I painted it out of the flowers I painted a few days before…but after the paint was dry and the animal started to beat I realized that the creature wasn’t what I once expected…it became AI itself….the unexpected life




Mixed media on canvas

Height/Width/Depth :

50 x 50 x 3,5 cm
19,6 x 19,6 x 1,3 inch


450€ Unique work – Certificate of authenticity included

(Shipping costs not included, consult by size and destination)


10 de October de 2023


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